Sponge and milling

Fema Industry has a special place for these systems of sponge manipulation and production, since they represent both the most recognizable PU products and a large area of expertise for the company. These systems are designed specifically for sponges. All of them are controlled by a machine-specific software to maximize the result of their excellent mechatronic structure. Print them, mill them, shape them, they can create all the shapes you need or produce a gazillion of them per minute.
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CNC systems

MICHELANGELO is a CNC vertical cutting machine. It features great accuracy, a wide cutting area and ...

Sponge and milling

Our SL is the essential line you need to cut sponges starting from stripes. As you want it to be.

Sponge and milling

SPL is a high-tech automated line for cutting polyurethane foam and polyester fiber.

Sponge and milling

This Milling System creates PU sponges of varying sizes and shape. Using the milling device in the center ...