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Giotto X
CNC systems

GIOTTO X is the best CNC system Fema Industry has to offer concerning accuracy and versatility.

Giotto Lite
CNC systems

Let’s welcome GIOTTO LITE. With its new lighter architecture, it ensures precision..

Giotto HCS
CNC systems

GIOTTO HCS is Fema Industry’s most experienced CNC machine. Perfect combination of quality and price.

CNC systems

GIOTTO HCS WIRE uses an abrasive wire instead of a continuous bandknife. It takes GIOTTO HCS’s experience ...

CNC systems

MICHELANGELO is a CNC vertical cutting machine. It features great accuracy, a wide cutting area and ...

Michelangelo Lite
CNC systems

MICHELANGELO LITE is our new entry among vertical CNC systems, designed to maximize your orders.

Horizontal Systems

CAROUSEL is an automatic horizontal slitter with a rotating table. It can cut sheets of any thickness quickly ...

Horizontal Systems

HS is our horizontal slitter, which can create sheets and slabs out of PU blocks. It features a horizontal ...

Horizontal Systems

Being a full-optional horizontal slitter, HSC-T is the go-to system for the massive production of PU sheets ...

Horizontal Systems

HSM-S is a horizontal slitter specifically designed for cutting shoe soles. It features a moving table with...

Horizontal Systems

GWIRE is a wire horizontal cutting machine. Also defined as a copying machine, it can cut through any kind ...

Vertical Systems

AVS is an automatic vertical cutter. It can cut slabs and sheets of any thickness quickly and automatically ...

Vertical Systems

SVS is a semi-automatic vertical cutter. It can cut slabs and sheets of any thickness quickly and accurately.

Vertical Systems

VS is a manual vertical cutter. It can cut slabs and sheets of any thickness quickly and accurately.

Vertical Systems

VS-V is a manual vertical bandsaw equipped with a V Structure to cut foam rolls.

Vertical Systems

VTS is a tilting blade vertical cutter. The blade angle is adjustable up to ±45° semi-automatically.

Vertical Systems

VTS-A is an automatic vertical tilting bandsaw. The blade angle and the fence are automatically ..

Vertical Systems

AVT-H is a vertical trimming system specifically designed for mattresses and for cleaning blocks.

Vertical Systems

The AVT vertical cutter is an automatic system for trimming and cleaning PU blocks. It’s equipped with rotating ...

Profiling and Peeling

CONVOLUTER is a profiling machine which uses geometric distortion to shape a PU foam slab into two ...

Lab Machines

A lab machine which combines ingenuity and realiability. You can't get more customized than this.

Profiling and Peeling

This Peeling Machine transforms big rollers of PU foam into thin layers with adjustable cutting speed and thickness.

Cutting off

HG is a guillotine system for cutting off PU blocks. It can work as a stand alone system or in a foam production line.

Cutting off

DSC is a dual sistem for trimming block lateral sides. It features two cutting arcs with circulating blades.

Sponge and milling

SPL is a high-tech automated line for cutting polyurethane foam and polyester fiber.

Sponge and milling

Our SL is the essential line you need to cut sponges starting from stripes. As you want it to be.

Sponge and milling

This Milling System creates PU sponges of varying sizes and shape. Using the milling device in the center ...

Second-hand Products

From the most experienced one to the youngest, they all share the same characteristics of reliability and...

Vertical Systems

STS is a semi-automatic tilting system. It can make inclining cuts of low thickness..