Here at FEMA Industry, we have a specific goal: grow together. Our world is innovative and multiform, exactly like our beloved sponge. We are constantly evolving, and we are not going to stop. In a machine each gear is important. Trust us, we know that. As it happens for every family, everyone helps out and nobody is alone. This is the idea which allowed us to spread beyond our land, from Puglia to overseas. We are continuously looking for new people to expand our family, all around the world. As our grandmas also used to say: the more we are, the better! We recognize talent in each and every way. Let’s know each other better!

Assistente back - office ufficio commerciale

Ricerchiamo una figura junior da inserire nell’ufficio commerciale. La figura ricercata si occuperà principalmente di : - Gestione dei flussi commerciali relativi alle offerte e contratti Italia ed estero - Gestione contatti clienti tramite CRM aziendale - Gestione comunicazioni per email e telefono con i clienti Per ulteriori informazioni: clicca sul botton qui sotto

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