The collaboration between the Automation field of the I.T.T. “Bachelet – Galilei” situated in Gravina in Puglia and FEMA Industry of Gravina in Puglia, a leading company in the processing and transformation sector of polyurethane, polyester fiber and fabrics, continues.

It stems from the company’s need to have technical figures with specific skills in the automation field, matured on Made in Italy programmable controllers and HMI developed by ELCO Elettronica, a company from Emilia that offers hardware and software solutions with high technological content and high portability.


From this need and from the established relationships with the PCTO (former school-work alternation), in 2018 Mr. Marchetti Fedele and Mr. Luigi Fortunato, CEOs of FEMA Industry, made a proposal for collaboration, implemented in a convention and in common agreement, with Ms. Sarpi Antonella, the headmistress of the I.I.S.S.. During the first step of this collaboration, some teachers were trained at the ELCO Elettronica situated in Coreggio (RE), while, during the second step, there were many meetings to outline a curricula curvature of the I.T.T. of Electrotechnics and Electronics – Automation field, in order to incorporate Ministerial programs with ELCO systems and FEMA’s needs.

There was a great effort by teachers who put themselves on the line, interacting with the industrial reality of the area and agreeing to be trained on these new equipment. This effort has been and still supported by FEMA Industry and ELCO Elettronica.

In 2020 FEMA Industry, which every year hosts students from ITT Bachelet, Electronics, “Automation” field for the PCTO (Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation), offers to the Bachelet Institute a system for axis movement in order to develop students’ skills, even on the motion side of automation systems.


Last November Mr. Eugenio Salerno, on behalf of ELCO Elettronica, and the technician Mr. Luigi Fortunato, representing FEMA Industry, visited the school laboratories in order to view the projects carried out by teachers and students. High was the praise for the high competence projectuality in the automation field made in recent years.

At the end of the students’ studies in the Automation field, the collaboration between the school and the company has led to a recruiting phase of qualified technicians, through interviews and employment in this field.


In conclusion, the leaders of both companies congratulate the teachers of Electronics “Automation” field for their commitment and their professionalism.